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Innovation is the only route to success and our creative mind is the only vehicle to achieve it.
@joseluquin - Brand Development - UX Designer - UI Designer


I am a multidisciplinary, multicultural bilingual designer with 12+ years of experience, passionate about technology and innovation in the digital space.

An early adopter of new emerging technologies, tools, and ways to leverage technology to serve and solve human needs and goals.
Always on the hunt for a good book (UX, UI, Interaction design, branding, neuro-marketing, creativity and innovation),
a new piece of software (sketchapp, axure, flinto, affinity, rhino 3D, balsamiq) or a skill to master
in order to continue further grow my strategic formation and education (Master's in Digital Design).

To find out more about me, my likes, motivations or what drives me
feel free to check my short presentation HERE

Gracias & Cheers!

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